“Random Access Memory reflects on the interaction of idea and matter and their encounter in contemporary information technology. The use of sand as a medium refers to an old divination technique, called geomancy, originated from the arabic ‛ilm al-raml” which translates as “science of the sand” and defines a set of rules, to recursively manipulate figures of geological material (eg. stones or sand) to be interpreted by the geomancer.”

This project blends computational rhythm and order with natural elements. Created by Ralf Baecker, the idea is to store information using sand. Consequentially, and algorithm reads the information and translates them using a purposely crafted machine. The algorithm is able to rearrange the grains of sand in order to display different information to read.RAM3-01.jpg

After analyzing this project I created a vector illustration that shows an imperfect result coming from this peculiar machine. The interesting aspect of the piece is its causality. Due to the shape and composition of the grains, there’s a high possibility that the algorithm might fail reading the arranged information. In a way, this project is able to show how mathematics and nature can sustain together even without perfection.

Original Project:


Simone Sciacovelli


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