Palimpsest of the Human

Digital Craft HW 1.jpg

For the assignment, I chose to focus on Palimpsest, which revolves around the concept of altering reality. The reading looked at architecture and concrete 3D models and from that, the artist altered the reality of the photos, which ultimately resulted in Palimpsest. By altering reality completely, this gives the viewer the opportunity to see a whole new dimension to these designs. Along with giving new elements of aesthetic, one also has the ability to see possible errors with the original reality through the altered reality.  From this one can make edits if necessary.


Digital Craft Homework 12.jpg

Instead of looking at the assignment through the lens of constructed environments, like the reading did, I wanted to see if I could achieve the act of palimpsest with something organic. Thus, I took a picture of the model, Jessica Dantes, and uploaded it to photoshop. From there, I inverted the colors and created 2 layers, one being the transparent layer on top of the actual image and a black background. From there, I began to look at the colors of the inverted image and placing dots in each area of the face with their respective colors. This process ended up being extremely tedious, but ended up demonstrating a more hand aesthetic, which paralleled with the organic model. I also chose to invert the colors as well in order to alter reality even further and make the difference in color more visible.

Reference –


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