I was intrigued by the project Strata by Quayola (, where the artist took digital and modern renderings of classical style art. The work itself is a video piece that renders a classical painting into 3D looking, polygon based figures that do things like crumple like paper and deconstruct. I’m personally very fond of classical/neoclassical/baroque art, so in response to this piece I decided to apply the modernist, polygon aesthetic to a piece by one of my favorite baroque artists, John the Baptist by Caravaggio. I used photoshop to render the face and draped fabric and left the rest of the painting in its original state, because I wanted to explore a more directly visible comparison between a digital take of the painting and the original. What I find fascinating is—especially with the fabric—the digital colors and shapes I overlaid almost ends up looking like cubist style painting when next to the original rather than simply computer-based, as though it bridges the gap between classical and contemporary ways of making art.



Natasha Tolia


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