Possible, Plausible, Potential

Miguel Nóbrega is a Brazilian artist and designer based in Los Angeles. His work focuses on media arts and creative coding, and he believes that complex processes with simple solutions can create elaborate results. He explores randomness by programming systems that can make decisions on their own and bring unexpected elements into the design process. His designs transit across various media including books, printed matter, digital platforms, custom software, site-specific installations, visual concepts, exhibition and type design. Collaborators and clients range from independent curators, artists, architects and film producers to brands, schools and museums.

Superfície http://superficie.ink is an online gallery created by artist Miguel Nóbrega. In the work on display in this gallery, Miguel uses code both as representation system and medium of expression. He writes code in order to make his ideas visible into drawings. Each drawing in a series is a different instance of the same set of instructions and therefore is unique.

Possible, Plausible, Potential is a set of three series of isometric drawings generated by code and printed with colored markers on a plotter machine. In these drawings, Miguel explores a bridge between the iterative aspect of algorithms and the utopian aspect of modern architecture. Each drawing is a unique variation of the same set of rules and carefully placed random decisions. http://www.nobrega.info/index/plausible-possible-potential https://vimeo.com/143076578

This Possible, Plausible, Potential project spoke to me the most because, first, the geometric shape and patterns and the use of color which was limited to a few caught my eye. Second, after looking at the video of the process of making each piece thorough machine, I was able to understand how to use coding in art. The artist only used vertical, horizontal, and diagonal linear lines.

For my response piece, I used drew linear lines with hands without using rulers or any other materials that could help to draw straight lines. To show more analog and humane vibe and make a contrast to the original piece.



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