Seemingly Room: Artist Drawing Response

“(Miguel Nóbrega’s) Possible, Plausible, Potential is a set of three series of isometric drawings generated by code and printed with colored markers on a plotter machine. In these drawings, Miguel explores a bridge between the iterative aspect of algorithms and the utopian aspect of modern architecture. Each drawing is a unique variation of the same set of rules and carefully placed random decisions.”

Inspired by Miguel Nóbrega’s art series, Plausible Spaces, I created the drawing Seemingly Room as a response to the artist’s works. This is a drawing made with black pigment on white paper. With a similar manner, the lines in Seemingly Room act closely as a perspective grid and suggest a sense of depth and space, but don’t define them. Once viewers paid more attention to the picture, they are going to notice these lines own quite a strange composition. How the lines layout or the way they connect and overlap each other trigger the brain to somehow work the space in the image out. Is the man floating in space or is he standing on the platform? Are those columns actually attached to that platform? Could it be a corner instead? These are some questions I want people to experience, similar to those I have asked myself when observing Nóbrega’s Plausible Spaces.

Seemingly Room
Close-up of Seemingly Room #1
Close-up of Seemingly Room #2
Close-up of Seemingly Room #3

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