All-in-One Charging Dock

Having to own all kinds of different electronic products is truly a luxury. But. It comes with it’s first world problems. Namely, how to do cleanly and minimally charge and organize these products on your desk. Surely not everyone has unlimited space, or the time to continually arrange and keep they chargers in check. While I love to keep thing neatly on my desk, no matter how hard I try, things end up in a whole big pile anyways. A major reason for this mess is all the wires that are on my desk. For this reason, I decided to make a “all-in-one charging dock”.

The whole point of this is to cleanly route all the cables through the structure, and arrange everything into just one small space. It should all be easy to quickly connect and disconnect all the cables and charging plates.

Right now this is now I charge all my devices:


Through a clean and simple structure, I aim to clean up all the mess created, as shown in the picture above. For now, there are some initial designs:

Scan002Scan003Scan003 copyScan004


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