Midterm Project – Art Deco Lantern

Using laser cut illustration board and decorative paper, I created a lantern with an art deco aesthetic for my midterm project in Digital Craft. I started this by looking at art deco lamps for inspiration, but then ended up looking at vases because I found them much more decorative. I started by looking at these two:


I prototyped these as surfaces for a vase using bristol paper (and some decoration):

At first I liked the 3D leaf-like surface better, but realized that as this was a laser printing project a 2D patterned surface might work better, so I used the design of the second vase as my inspiration. Additionally, I was in fact originally intending to make an actual vase, but realized the materials suited to laser cutting would be difficult to use to construct a functioning vase. I then got the idea to make it a lantern because I thought the cut out shapes from the laser cut would make light come through interestingly if I used translucent materials.

The final product was made by laser cutting external shells using illustration board, with various patterned papers glued inside between them.



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