Mini Pupper (Part I): Concept


A week ago, being a stressed student as I was, my friend suggested me to visit the assistant dogs in our school’s Health Center with her. Tony and Pandora the dogs showered me with love and affection. I had so much appreciation for them helping me to feel happy again. This inspired me with the idea for this project. I want to make a small toy dog which is suitable for carrying around. The toy will be called pocket dog, a.k.a a Mini Pupper. The goal of the pocket dog is to cheer people up when they feel sad or bored. The dog will have a cylinder body with a rounded head (similar to Android’s logo) and extra features such as ears, legs, or tail. Mini Pupper is a simple toy with one main mechanic: when his hands are pressed, his mouth will open up with a heart shaped by red LED lights inside. The lights will lit up because the circuit inside is closed as his hands are moved. Besides making a circuit within the toy, I plan to make the dog’s components by the laser cutting method. Hopefully, the result of this project will be a lot of smiles!

Mood Board:

Mood Board

Sketches and Notes:

Sketches of Mini Pupper

Materials and Equipment:

  • Bendy Plywood
  • Red LED lights
  • Wires or copper tape
  • Battery
  • Glue

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