IMG_3139 2.JPG

When observing the dove, I noticed an almost ephemeral and delicate beauty coming from the feathers. I wanted to articulate that by using glossy acrylic plastic as my medium and using black thread to complement the lustrous white. Conceptually, I wanted to keep as much of the “bird” as possible and in order to do so, I decided to focus on creating a pair of wings. However, when it came to the circuitry, I ended up hitting a few road blocks. When I initially put everything together, everything lit up. But due to unforeseen technological error with the circuit, the lighting system ended up failing later on. Nonetheless, the copper tape ended up aiding the aesthetic elements of the piece and I am very happy with the outcome. I was able to push myself to explore a different medium and attempt to create art that can be a part of the human body. My vision behind this piece is that it could be used as a complementary jewelry accessory in a fashion show or an editorial context.

IMG_3134 2.JPG


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